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Quality Policy

Since inception, we put emphasis on quality assurance. Over the years we have successfully secured following International certifications.

  • 2000 - ISO 9002 Certification by RWTUV , Germany

  • 2001 - ISO 9000 Certification by RWTUV, Germany

  • 2009 - PED Certification by TUV NORD

  • 2010 - ISO 14001 & IS018000 under implementation

Quality Assurance System

  For Checking Micro Evaluation:

Carl Zeis Microscope with Image Analyzer - 100x to 1000 (Facility availed from M/s. Shanthala Sphero Cast Pvt Ltd.)

  For Casting Dimensional Inspection:

Periodical Layout Inspection using Instruments like Surface Plate, Vernier Height Gauge

  For Component Hardness Testing & To Check Mechanical Property:

BHN & HRC Hardness Testing Machine, Universal Testing machine for Tensile, Elongation & compression testing

  For Testing Chemical Composition:

Spectrometer with 15 Elements c, Si, Mn, S, P, Cr, Ni, Mo, Cu, V, Al, Co, Nb, Ti, Fe.

Upgrading for Nitrogen Analysis & Nickel base.

  For Checking Molten Metal Temperature:

Pyrometer - Immersion type Platinum pt / ptRh Immersion Thermocouples with Silica Tubes & Infra Red pyrometer used.

  For Testing Sand and Hardness Properties:

CO2 Sand Compression Strength Tester, Compact Ability Tester.

Scratch Tester.